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Unique places are hidden among the hills and slopes of the majestic Troodos Mountains in Cyprus.

In the Kykkos monastery  there is a life-giving, healing icon of the Virgin Mary, which St. Luke wrote during her lifetime. Here – an incredible atmosphere, the relics of saints, an amazing museum and beautiful mosaics.

The monastery of Trooditissa is the highest mountain monastery on the island. It is quite small, but its value for pilgrims can not be overestimated. It is here that the famous Belt of the Virgin is stored, helping to heal infertility.

A small village with narrow, winding streets full of sunlight, glistening handmade silver and wonderful lace items. Folk handicrafts, filigree silver, winery and delicious wine – acquaintance with the most important and ancient traditions of Cyprus.

Having finished with lunch, you will continue the fascinating journey through the highlights of Cyprus.

The species that open in the mountains, including the reservoir, are worthy of the pen of the most skillful masters of the word and the most sophisticated painters.

Tour’s route:

  • Kykkos
  • Trooditissa
  • Omodos
  • Lunch
  • Reservoir

Note:  lunch is not included in the tour price.