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Among the evergreen coniferous leaves, among the lush gardens and medicinal herbs, one of the most ancient and most beautiful monasteries of Cyprus – Maheras – stretches to the whitish sky amidst lush gardens. The atmosphere of calmness and purity, bliss and unity with the spirit of nature and light.

The history of the creation of the monastery, the unique and healing icon of the Mother of God, centuries-old traditions and healing herbal teas, collected by the monks themselves and carefully stored in bags for you.

All this will give you the opportunity not only to learn the true Cyprus, to feel all the depth and power of its traditions and history, but also to re-know yourself.

An integral part of the island’s culture are the village traditions and distinct recipes of useful natural food.

Cyprus is famous for its cheeses halloumi and anari, goat milk and natural, “home” production of sour – milk products.

A unique place near the monastery, among the hills of the mountains – a dairy bio farm, where you will see a lot of lambs, goats, horses and other animals. There is also production, you can watch all the stages and processes of cooking cheeses, ice cream, also try this purest product without any additives.

On the way back you can go to the first in Cyprus Russian church. Brilliant, beautiful domes, they look toward the mountains, cast in the sun and can be seen for miles. The territory of the church is huge, there is a children’s playground, a square for walking and benches.

This tour will allow you to see different, interesting, unusual, true Cyprus.

Tour Route

Option #1

Monastery of Maheras

Bio Farm

Russian Church

Option #2

Monastery of Maheras

Tamassos Reservoir

Monastery of Saint Herakleidios

Tamassos (archaeological site)