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It’s amazing how many churches and monasteries are here in Cyprus, and each of the temples – is a beautiful, unique, ancient oasis of spirituality and love.

We suggest you make a small pilgrimage trip through the important, famous and unusual shrines of the island.

In this journey, you can join the relics of St. Lazarus and collect holy water from the life-giving source; heal with the help of therapeutic mud in St. Thekla’s monastery; pray for the health of your children, heal your back; and enjoy the ancient architecture of the temples, the bright nature of this place.

Route # 1 option

  • St. Lazar (Larnaca)
  • Panagia Chrysospiliotissa cave church
  • Monastery of St. John of Lampadist

Route # 2 Option

  • The Monastery of St. Heraklid
  • The Monastery of St. Thekla
  • Russian church