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Traveling to Larnaca and Nicosia is an opportunity to see the life of the local people and find out their history.

The journey begins in a secluded, almost unknown to tourists, but a very beautiful and unusual monastery – Mavrovuni.

It was mentioned by the Russian monk Vasilios Mparsky, who visited it in December 1735 and described a church surrounded by trees and inhabitants who were silk producers and breeders.

There was a period when the monastery was abandoned by monks. The Cypriot church gave it to a private citizen of the village of Troulloi. As a result, only two rooms remained from the monastery. In 1994 the church authorities of Cyprus decided to revive the monastery. Today, five monks live in the monastery.

A small photo stop at the salt lake, hidden in the greenery of the Oroklini village, and you can stroll along the famous waterfront of Larnaca – Finikoudes. Passing the old palm trees, hotels, quiet surf, souvenir shops and workshops, we reach the old fort and the beautiful church. Ancient walls made of stone store not only one of the richest wooden iconostasis, but also the relics of Saint Lazarus!

Heading from Larnaca to the capital of Cyprus, you can stop at the old Aqueduct, which will surprise you with its size and former might.

Well, the capital will meet you with the atmosphere of a big city, in which modernity is closely intertwined with the spirit of the old city and its secrets. Walking in the old area of ​​Laiki Gitonia, you seem to step over an invisible barrier of time. Here, even the noise of the city ceases, birds are loud and the aroma of coffee and relaxation spreads from everywhere. Traditional taverns and modern cafes, showcases of well-known brands and small souvenir shops with handmade crafts and souvenirs, semi-abandoned centennial houses and graffiti walls… Here it is, the Old City, the junction of two worlds, different times. Here, just a few hundred meters away, we’ll find the ancient Venetian walls, the most interesting Byzantine museum, the Art Gallery, the elegant Cathedral of St. John the Theologian.

The culture of Cyprus, its traditions, history and modern life, beautiful sea and secret monasteries and lakes, the very spirit of the island will become a part of you after such an interesting journey.