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Nicosia Rehabilitation Center is offering Medical Rehabilitation services to patients who received operations after serious Injuries (e.g after accidents), Orthopaedic or Neurosurgical post operation cases (e.g hips, knees, spinal cord), neurological cases (e.g strokes, Parkinson), Cardio Cases, Respiratory cases and many others.

Cost of nursing sterile consumables
The nursing sterile consumables used by medical Associates and the nursing department of the company Strana Ltd, during the stay and hospitalization of the patient, will be charged according and/or according to the use of these.
Cost of medicines
The need to administer medicines for which no medical doctor is required, will be covered by the company Strana LTD and the cost thereof will be charged on the basis and/or according to the needs and/or administration to the patient.

Use of central oxygen system and/or patients with tracheostomy
Strana LTD has the central oxygen supply facilities and mobile respirators. The need for the use of this provision lies in the evaluation of patients by the medical team of the center and also the instructions that we have received from the patient’s physician therapist. The prices for the above additional services can be granted according to the needs of the patient and after a request to the staff.
Cost of other services
The cost for other services that may be offered by Strana Limited to its patients through its partners, including blood tests, X-rays, consultancy services, or other services, will be determined according to the type of Services and will be debited to the patient by Strana Limited.

Medical records are necessary (for evaluation) prior to admittance to NRC
Payment Policy:
Prepayment for a minimum of 15 days stay, for any additional week payment every Friday.

  • Prices include (physiotherapies, hydrotherapies, 2 average per working day, nursing care, meals supervised by Dietician, In house Doctor Supervision, internal recreational events)
  • Prices exclude (consumables used, medicine used, blood tests prescribed if needed by NRC doctor, X-Rays prescribed if needed by NRC doctor, other doctors visits prescribed if needed by NRC doctor, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Phycological Support, translator and any other service not provided within the existing structure of NRC)

We truly understand that cost is a significant factor for our clients and their families. Therefore, we are determined to keep our prices reasonable without affecting the quality of treatment. The cost of your treatment is calculated according to length of stay. We have set our 15 days Package rates. Please enquire for a quote here. For more details about our treatment package read what’s included in the price page.