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Podiatry, Reflexology, Physiotherapy, Aesthetics Beauty, Manicure-pedicure, Massage, Workout, Treatment essential oils, Therapeutic Cycling.


€40 per session

Podiatry is a branch of medicine and its main purpose is the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions which affect the lower limb.

The diseases- disorders treated by podiatry are as followed:

> Problems concerning nails, calluses, heel fissures, xerosis, hyperkeratosis, warts etc.

>Deformities of the lower limb/ toes such as Hammer, Cloe and Mallet toe, hallux valgus etc.

>Biomechanical problems of posture and gait

>Discomfort / pain

>High risk patients as a main purpose to prevent any complications due to foot problems (e.g. diabetic foot, deformities because of rheumatoid arthritis, neurological problems)

>General advice concerning the use of footwear, foot care etc.


€50 for one hour reflexology treatment

It is a gentle, natural, holistic and supplementary method of health care. It is completely harmless, and it does not proceed to any medical practice. It depends on the reflective zones of our bodies.

Application of reflexology:

It is mostly applied on the feet with specific pressure movements and techniques with the use of essential oils. Each reflexology session lasts around 60 minutes and it is carried out by qualified reflexologists from one to three times a week accordingly. The sensation differs according to the specific individual, the sensitivity and intensity of their problems.

Purposes of Reflexology:

>Sustainability of good health, prevention of diseases, deep relaxation and wellness. Stress reduction, relaxation, detoxication or the organism and body balance.

>Improvement of the circulatory, immune and respiratory system, relief from headaches, sinusitis, allergies, back pain, arthritic problems etc.

Physiotherapy treatments and services:

€40 each session

Physiotherapy: 30 minutes of Assessment, 1 hour Treatment: elastic ligature for stability, proprioception and support of circulation. Natural means are used, electrotherapy, ice therapy, thermotherapy etc.

Massage: 1 hour, with special oils for inflammation and relaxation. It can be done either BEFORE or AFTER exercising. Ideal for people with allergies to essential oils. Athletic and relaxing massage (Hoffa technique ).

Workout: Special exercises, for people with musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, which will be decided according to the extent of the movement that can be allowed. The exercises are adjusted according to the goals of each individual stated at the beginning and during the assessment. Exercises are done with bicycles, bands, balance boards, Swiss ball, gymnastics mat etc.

Therapeutic indoor cycling: stationary bicycles for strengthening and rehabilitation either individually or in groups. €15 each time in group of three, €25 individually

Semi personal training of 4 people: €15 each (group of 4) , €30 individually

Pelmatografima test


The static and dynamic pelmatografima provides important information to the podiatrist for our feet, how the foot functions when standing or walking, on which parts there is the most pressure and where rest is mostly needed. Hence, depending on the specific test, orthotics are made which will respond to the needs of each person.

Treatments with essential oils:

> Essential oils can be used for massage on the body and they have a lot of beneficial effects: they cause relief from muscle pain, relax the body, improve a person’s mood and provide invigoration with an aromatic and pleasant way.

According to the purpose of each aromatherapy session, different combinations and proportions of essential oils are used. There are combinations that can cause relaxation, boosting, strengthening of the immune system, relief from muscle pain, mood improvement, cardiotonic, neuro-tonic etc

Additional treatments/massages with the use of essential oils:

Sports massage duration 1 hour €50

Indian massage ( face, head, nape, shoulders, back)  duration 1 hour €50

Lymphatic massage duration 1 hour €50

Swedish massage duration 1 hour €50

Cellulite’s massage with essential oils €50

Aromatherapy’s massage €50

Treatment with plunger €50

Aesthetics Beauty services with application of biological products:  

Hair removals €25

Gel application on feet and hand’s nails €35 each

Face treatments:

Facial moisturizing €40

Facial cleansing €40

Facial whitening treatment €40

Facial anti-aging treatment €40

Facelift treatment with plant stem cells €60