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Cost: 6,000.00 (Siχ Thousand Euros)

Important note: If a patient for some reason (for example if there is a complication or if there is some other medical reasons) needs to stay more nights in the hospital or some extra treatments (that are not in the package) will be prescribed by a doctor, this extra cost must be paid. This extra cost will be included in the final invoice (to be paid on the day of the discharge).

Package costs include:

  • Preoperative tests

  • Surgery/Consumables/Drugs and Medicine throughout the stay in
    Hospital/Doctor’s Fees (Consultant’s and Anaesthetist’s Fees)

  • First visit and examination by the specialist

  • One night stay in the Hospital (double room)

  • Post-operative treatment

  • Biopsy

  • Post-operative visit to the consultant

  • Medication to take back home

  • Medical Report

Patient stays in the Hospital for only one night and can fly back home in 7 days from
the date of operation