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Retreating from Antiquity, widely and vividly represented in Paphos, you will plunge into even more ancient times – the times of the earliest human settlements on the land of Cyprus.

Chirokotiya is a small place in the vicinity of Larnaka, but it was there that many thousands of years ago the first human life on this island appeared!

Turning to a story closer to our time – you are welcome to meet with the capital of the island – Nicosia. How many stories and events keep its pretty streets! Elegant and unique architecture, which harmoniously accommodated the influence of a variety of eras and nations; monuments and museums, the Old City, where the memory of the stormy history of the whole island is stored.

Tour Program:

  • Chirochitiya
  • Idalion
  • Nicosia
  • Lunch
  • Archeological park (Optional)


  • The entrance fee to the Archaeological Park and lunch are not included in the price of the tour.
  • The sequence of stops can vary.