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In recent years, medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Cyprus.
Today, health care in Cyprus for both foreign nationals and the locals, is provided with quality
and effectiveness at a reasonable cost (the level of medical services in Cyprus is in line with
European standards while the cost of the procedures is significantly lower than in Europe and
the United States).

An important competitive advantage for Russian-speaking patients is the
presence of medical experts, speaking in Russian, many of whom have been trained in medical
schools in the former Soviet Union or who are its former citizens.
Medical tourism in Cyprus is acquiring great popularity among the Russian-speaking population.
People tend to combine business with pleasure and the only opportunity to take care of their
own health is often the holiday period.

Patients visiting Cyprus do not feel flawed and can
combine a wonderful holiday in Cyprus as well as relatively inexpensive treatments.

HIPPOCRATEON Private Hospital  

was established in 1987 and is one of the large Hospitals in

The  Hospital offers most types of medical treatments and the latest surgical techniques,
such as robotic surgery (Da Vinci system).

In the course of the years since its founding, Hippocrateon Private Hospital continues to be
restructured and upgraded, with successive renovations and extensions.

Personal care, medical
expertise and comprehensive treatment of the highest level are the trademarks of our hospital.

An experienced team of renowned specialists guarantee patients the highest standards of
medical care, supported by state –of-the-art surgical procedures, whether it’s orthopaedic,
urology, plastic surgery, gynaecology or internal medicine.

Operating and treatment rooms come with the latest equipment, whilst we have our own X-ray
Department and Laboratory. The Hospital’s facilities complete with options to keep the stay of
other guests comfortable, while their loved one undergoes treatment.

The Hospital is in the procedure of acquiring the following Accreditations:

1. Occupational Health and Safety Management System 18001:2007 (Fully Completed /
Accreditation expected December, 2018)
Food Safety System 22000:2015 (Fully Completed/Accreditation expected December,
Quality System 90
01:2015 (Under implementation/Accreditation expected December,
Environmental Management System 14001:2015 (Under implementation/Accreditation
expected June, 2019)

Hippocrateon Private Hospital is situated in one of the quietest areas of Lefkosia, (the capital of
Cyprus), opposite a lovely park and within walking distance from Hilton Park Hotel and a 10
minutes’ drive from the city centre, makes its location ideal.

The Hospital has prime travel links to help aid international travellers coming to the hospital for
treatment. Everything from currency exchanges to finding airfares, hotels or transportation to
and from the airport, are services offered to our international guests. Help providing meals and
other needs upon arrival are available as well.

We assure our international visitors that they will have an excellent travel and hospitality
experience from the moment of their arrival to Cyprus to the moment of their departure.
also assure them that there are accommodations for people travelling with the patient and
reassure that nothing but hospitality and premiere customer service await them and their family
upon arrival.

CYPRUS – A captivating Island

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Africa,
Cyprus is the third largest island in the region. The strategic position of Cyprus has always
played a key role in shaping its 10,000-year history and in developing the island into a
convenient centre for trade and international business.
Not only is Cyprus a developed business hub, but also one of Europe’s favourite holiday
destinations, offering a perfect balance between business and leisure.

The island enjoys an
astounding 300 days of glorious sunshine a year and boasts a beautiful coastline teeming with
stretches of golden sand, secluded bays and rocky coves, all surrounded by some of the cleanest
beaches and waters in the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape is dotted with the fascinating
remains of history, from Neolithic settlements and ancient city-kingdoms to exquisite Byzantine
art and magnificent Venetian architecture.

People & Culture

While Cyprus is a Greek-speaking nation, English is almost universally spoken and is the language
of international business. German, French and Russian speakers are also easily found.

Cyprus is
well known for its hospitality, a fact reflected in the Greek word ‘xenos’, used for both stranger
and guest. Life is meant to be enjoyed in Cyprus, which is renowned for its excellent quality of
life. Café culture predominates, with both business and social meetings taking place over a
leisurely frappe (iced coffee) in the numerous cafes in every town and city.

As with most
Mediterranean cultures, food also plays a vital role and the famous Cyprus meze – a large
selection of small, delectable dishes – is best enjoyed ‘siga-siga’ (slowly-slowly), al fresco and
accompanied by excellent local wine.