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Feel the “Freedom”

AgiaNapa is known mostly as a place of fun, clubs and bars.

But if you’ll look deeper into a history of the resort, if you’ll take a long walk among its streets and shores – you’ll see much more than just a nightlife.

You will find small traditional houses of local people, a few of them left here, but still there they are. Mostly these people are descendants of fishermen who lived here hundreds years before.

You will find big graffiti walls and empty streets, no tourists, a few cars passing by…

You will find a quite and peaceful place in the middle of bars and cafes – Agia Napa monastery. It’s so calm and fresh here, even when August comes.

You will find an amazing park without… trees. Because it’s made of stone and paint… It’s a Sculpture Park. One of the most interesting statues – this one, “Freedom”.

And it feels so good just to stand next to it, look over the blue sea, hotels, villas… and just enjoy the wind, the sun, the life itself.


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