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Enjoy the aroma of beautiful roses, wonderful mountain views, see the process of creating cosmetics and taste it - all this can be done during the Festival of Roses in the village of Agros in Cyprus!
Winter gives the capital a special chic, because blossoms of all the colors on the streets – this is the most beautiful decoration of the city’s unstoppable pace.  When you only open the door in the morning – you just pick up a wave of scents, it carries you in some magical world. Where jasmine, […]
  The whole island was covered with running on the last weekend. In each region large cities marched in large marathons. The team of ITOUR LTD was lucky to be in the epicenter of the Limassol marathon on March 17. This marathon was a corporate event – employees of various companies and offices became participants.   […]
AgiaNapa is known mostly as a place of fun, clubs and bars. But if you’ll look deeper into a history of the resort, if you’ll take a long walk among its streets and shores – you’ll see much more than just a nightlife. You will find small traditional houses of local people, a few of […]
Cyprus is a unique place, in every city there dozen of churches. Most of them are ancient and very beautiful. Local people have a great tradition – every Sunday they gather with all family to visit the biggest church in the district. You’ll not be able to find a parking place on big holidays near […]
Such a symbolic and exact name has this object of Art. Modern Art in general is quite a strange thing. For most of us it’s incomprehensible. It seems intricate, complex, with a surplus of feigned depth and a lack of aesthetics. But sometimes real inspiration and creative idea find their embodiment. It’s amazing how a […]